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Trying to stop the leaks

January 30th, 2009 at 11:33 pm

My bf found 2 quarters in the parking lot today. He gave it to me & I put it in the change jar. Every little bit counts. Everything has value.

It was my 4 year anniversary at work. Wow how fast time flies. They did my eval a couple weeks ago. I'm up $1.27/hr, +$50/payck. I should be kicking in more to the EF.

Sometimes I can barely tolerate this job. But then I think....it could be worse. Atleast it's safe.

Changed the allocations on my 401K to something conservative. I think I lost about 12 last year. Rather stick that money in a CD where it will be +2.5%than -35% or whatever. Can't just pull it out without penalty. Scary...I'm going to need that money to retire. Feel like I'm just gambling with it.

Trying to stock up on emergency supplies. I didn't even have a single flashlight in the house! I got two at Target - the kind that winds up & doesn't need batteries. One of them has AM/FM radio & it gets a weather alert station. It can charge cell phones but it doesn't work for mine. The plug doesn't fit! Too bad. This would have been one kick @ss flashlight!

1 Responses to “Trying to stop the leaks”

  1. gamecock43 Says:

    4 yrs on a job- your loyalty is wonderful.

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