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Beans, Rice and American Idol

June 22nd, 2008 at 03:13 pm

Havenít spent any money this weekend, even though it felt like I did. At work they gave all the employees $50 gift cards for Vons. I bought some food yesterday, totaled $19 something. I will use the rest for the next time. I had a packet of mung beans (only 79 cents) on hand and made a stew with some rice. I will be eating this all week. This is filling and good, but Iím going to be gassy all week! Thank god for Gas-X!

I went to Best Buy and bought the American Idol game for my Wii with a gift card I received a long time ago. Iím really disappointed with this game Ė as there are not enough songs on it! I can only sing ďBlack VelvetĒ and ďWalking on SunshineĒ so many times. You canít download anymore songs! I played American Idol at a friendís party on her Play Station, which I thought was much better Ė more songs and better graphics. It was so much fun, and addicting too so I thought Iíd get it for myself.

Can anyone recommend any karaoke games on the Wii that are better than AI?

Itís so hot and Iím trying to limit the time that I run the AC. Iím going to go to cool off at the gym.

Saying NO

June 15th, 2008 at 09:56 pm

I have to get up early tomorrow. I work from 0530-1000, taking over someone elseís shift. It was supposed to be from 0900-1330 but I was asked to come in earlier. Oh well, the earlier I come in, the sooner I can get out! With its monotony, work has turned into drudgery. Four hours = 4 tanks of gas.

It feels like everyone at work is targeting me Ė when they want to trade shifts/try to get me to work for them, they come straight to me. Maybe they think I will because I donít have a family, Iím single etc. Whatever Ė I do have a life and I am going to live it. Itís just so irritating!!! I donít want to be there 24/7, just like Iím sure they donít want to be! Every time I see someone walking up to me with the schedule in their hands, I think: ughÖ. what do you want now??? GO AWAY!!! My days off are mine! I donít know why people think they are so entitled to it. Maybe itís because I said yes once Ė which is a big mistake because if you say yes one time they will keep coming back. There are a couple of repeat offenders. If they donít want to work they should just quit!!!

Maybe I should have a list of excuses prepared. No wait, I donít owe them anything! From this point on I just need to keep saying NO, and to stop feeling guilty when I say it. I need to exercise my NO muscle. The more I do this I think the easier it will get.