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Buy a new car

March 22nd, 2008 at 07:37 pm

My parents are going through this divorce thing....& the vehicle I'm driving is partly theirs. Have to give it to my mom because she won't have anything to drive (all properties/items have to be sold). In two months I have to start shopping. All I can afford right now is a Honda Civic. Good used car or brand new?

After this I'm going to wipe my hands clean & have my own stuff. That way if anything happens I'll have only myself to answer to. No more entaglements with them financially. So I have to shop for insurance and financing. I have to take the dp from my savings. It's so frustrating. I guess I'll have to wait another year for a house.

I'm not looking forward to going out to the dealers and haggling. I was thinking of just buying from carsdirect. Of course I have to go to the dealers to test drive. Can anyone out there tell me if they've bought a car from Carsdirect and how their experience was?

10 Responses to “Buy a new car”

  1. thriftorama Says:

    If you hate haggling, you could also check out CarMax. They have decent used cars and are very clear about pricing. I have a 7-year old Honda Civic and would not trade it for anything. They are ood cars, never break down and get fabulous gas mileage. They also hold their value.(for all those same reasons...)

  2. debtfreeme Says:

    i loved my honda. i would not hav etraded it for anything except i could no longer drive a stick shift after the accident. if i had to do it again i would definitely buy a honda again, used or new.

  3. Broken Arrow Says:

    I like CarMax also. The prices are fixed. HOWEVER, they WILL haggle you to death over additional insurance coverage! Have the will and determination to say no and keep saying it, and you will be fine. Especially with generally reliable cars such as a Civic.

    My current car is from CarMax, and chances are very good, that so will my next one....

  4. aevans1206 Says:

    Used Honda--FABULOUS and smart purchase to make! You can always simply try a dealership, but go in knowing Kelly Blue Book info before you go. That way you can just walk away. They'll call you with a lower price. Just show 'em you know what's up.

  5. sillyoleme Says:

    I just got out of the insurance business, and so I can give you a little advice there. First of all, if you are a 30 year old female & have a good driving record, your premiums probably won't be very expensive. If you don't have renters or life insurance already, many companies will offer huge discounts for having two lines of insurance with them. In our office, it was usually always cheaper for a single driver to have renters & auto insurance with us, than it was for them to have the auto only. Something to think about!

  6. Amber Says:

    I was going to suggest carmax that is where I got my car. Hondas are great my mom only buys those I prefer Toyota and the carolla are great. What I found is when you are buying your car make sure the price is the one on the car or what you agreed to I notice the dealer added a couple of hubdred dollars that was quickly removed

  7. fern Says:

    I'm not familiar with Car Max, but i was going to suggest you go to ONE dealer to test drive and decide on which car and which features.

    Then email 4 or 5 area dealerships and tell them exactly what you want and to give you their best price. That way, you avoid having to visit aggressive dealers and wasting your time.

  8. monkeymama Says:

    A used Honda sounds like a great car.

  9. monkeymama Says:

    P.S. Spring is also a great time to skin the paper for "1 at this price" cars. If you come across an aggressive dealer you'll have to be firm. But dh's last car was one of those. We went late in the evening (figured the car would be long gone?) and came across kind of a desparate new sales guy. He gave it to us without trying to sell us anything else (which is the whole point). My point being, it never hurts to try one of those. You don't have to haggle. You may have to be firm to convince them you just want the deal and aren't willing to look at anything else. But I think those are a good way to go. (The have good pricing on new cars as well).

    Actually my last car was one of those too. Easy, no haggle, good price. I think those are usually prior rentals but we have had great experience with those. (I've heard bad about the rental thing). They were generally still under warranty and dh's car is 7-years-old, never really even had a repair. I've had my car 2 years and is just fine. We bought that one with a toddler/infant in tow. I know, crazy to bring kids. But we wouldn't haggle. We just said we wanted the car, and that was that. I forgot the second time was just as easy. It's like they took one look at us and knew there was no trying to sell us more. LOL.

    A lot of the time in the spring, the dealers are trying to clear inventory for new models. We've never found a brand new car with this method, but I have a couple of friends who got deals on brand new cars that were a year or 2 old - just sat on the lot too long. BEst deals to be had, bar none. New car, full warranty, "used car" price. Likewise, it doesn't hurt to visit some of the car lots and ask if they have some cars old new cars sitting around.

    Good Luck!

  10. MariRDH Says:

    This is a great website to read before buying a car:


    I just bought a new 2008 Honda Fit in mid-December. My local dealer ended up offering the best price (they were having a "$1 over invoice" sale), but I emailed 6 different dealers within 50 miles of me before buying. I sent the exact specs of the car I wanted and specified any areas where I was flexible (gave 2 possible colors I would accept). I made sure to tell them I wanted a complete breakdown of all costs and an "out-the-door price" (complete with taxes/tags/etc - the exact amount I would write the check for), as well as asking if the car they were quoting was currently on their lot.

    When shopping, make sure you find out fuel economy on each model you are interested in so that you are not spending more in the long run since the car payment is bad enough to budget for each month (ask me how I know). Used Hondas are usually a great bet and will save you some cash.

    Good luck car shopping! Smile

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